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Ancient Greece Revisited
Ancient Greece Revisited
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About Ancient Greece Revisited

Ancient Greece Revisited (AGR) is my latest ongoing project, created with my colleague Michael Michailidis who had the original idea, and has a great potential to become a landmark series in online platforms and even streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. At the moment it is available on Youtube as a series of short documentaries, interviews and podcasts.

What is AGR about?

We are told that our cultures stand on ideas first thought in Greece, a very long time ago. But how much do we understand of this lost world? Is the petrified ideal of a “White Greece” something that Socrates would recognise as his own? Or have we been fed the ideas of those who first reclaimed his culture?

Ancient Greece Revisited is the result of an effort from a modern team of Greeks to find a new access to their culture. Through the orgiastic rituals of Dionysus and the true meaning of Eros, to the miracle of democracy and its original and best critique, from the people who first developed it, we promise to bring to life a vision of Greece that goes against the “whitewashed” version that British Hellenists made universal to this day. A world of the past that could inspire the future!

List of Ancient Greece Revisited Episodes

  • Did the Greeks trip on LSD?
  • Were the Greeks colorblind?
  • The Greek shield: More than a weapon (“The Way of the Shield”)
  • How love was invented (“Eros + Agape = Amor”)
  • Final Cut: The science of Epicurus
  • Dionysus and Jesus: The bleeding Gods
  • Two types of atheism: Sam Harris + Epicurus (“The Polyatheist”)
  • Understanding Greek poetry
  • Plato on the coronavirus
  • Feminism and sacrifice in Ancient Crete
  • The true face of God Dionysus (“Dionysus: Impressions of Ecstasy and Terror”)
  • The Greek Copernicus
  • Why is Atlantis so scary? (“Fear of Atlantis”)
  • The Hero’s journey “Jason and the Argonauts” (4 episodes)
  • Against the Christians
  • Why do we love war? (“Ares, Our Terrible Love for War”)
  • Hermes Trismegistus
  • Eco-fascism and the cults of the Dark Mother (“DarkMotherScream”)
  • Cicadas and sound engineering: an ancient Greek perspective
  • Onassis: A Christian sinner and pagan hero (“Limitless”)
  • What is the west? Archilochus’ answer (“Archilochus and the West”)
  • Ring of Nestor and our paradise lost
  • Dionysus: Standing up to Shiva
  • Aesop vs Darwin: Thinking with Animals
  • The Spartan constitution: Laws to die for
  • The poet of Sparta
Cast & Crew
Penny Biniari
Penny Biniari was born in Athens and very young she realised that she wanted to become a musician, when she started piano lessons.  She got her piano diploma with high distinction with Dimitris Toufexis, and afterwards she had a Masterclass in Piano at "Sommerakademie Mozarteum". She also finished her studies...
Michael Michailidis
Michael Michailidis was born in Athens and after completing his national service, he began traveling across Europe. In 2005, he settled in London where he taught himself computer programming and worked as a Software Engineer in the city's vibrant tech scene. Later in life, Michailidis discovered his passion for writing,...
Adamantios (Adam) Petritsis
Director - Editor
Hello there! I am Adamantios Petritsis (Adam), a versatile filmmaker and storyteller with a rich international background. With a passion for filmmaking, I've spent years working on over 100 documentaries for Greek National Television and a range of other clients. Drawing on my extensive travel experiences and fluency in English...
Ancient Greece Revisited Ancient Greece Revisited Ancient Greece Revisited
1821 The Greek War of Independence
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