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I can provide a variety of solutions, from complete video productions services to individual video editing and videography projects.

  • Video Production
    Video Production
    Whether you need a promo video, music video, or something in between, me and my team will cover the entire process, ensuring the final product exceeds your expectations.
  • Video Editing
    Video Editing
    I specialize in turning your raw footage into a polished final product with precision and style. My expert skills ensure your vision is brought to life in the most captivating way possible.
  • Filming
    With an eye for detail and a passion for capturing the perfect shot, I bring your vision to life through cinematic storytelling. Any footage you need, I've got you covered.
  • Documentaries
    With a wealth of experience in producing thought-provoking and engaging documentaries, I am dedicated to creating impactful films.
A filmmaker
ready to realize your ideas
and create unique videos
for tv - youtube - social media

I offer full video production services for companies or individuals that want to promote their brand.

  • Adverts or Promo videos for TV, Websites, Social Media, Youtube Channels.
  • Short films.
  • Documentaries.

Video production includes one or more of the following:

  • vision analysis.
  • script writing.
  • filming.
  • editing.
  • animation (with partners).
  • production services.

Looking for expert editing solutions for your project? Look no further! With years of experience in Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve, I offer full editing services for any project. From historical and political documentaries to people’s portraits and short films, I’ve done it all!

My editing style is fast-paced and energetic, but I’m always willing to adapt to the needs of each project. My knowledge of editing techniques and software has only grown over the years. I can also use software like After Effects and Photoshop to add extra style and modern flair to your videos.

But editing isn’t just a job for me – it’s a passion. That’s why I always bring my enthusiasm and creativity to the table. Whether I’m directing or editing, I strive to make each project as amazing as possible.

As a seasoned videographer and filmmaker, capturing stunning footage comes naturally to me. I’ve been operating cameras since I was young, so I’ve developed a keen eye for exceptional framing.

What really gets me excited is time lapse photography. From mesmerizing sunsets to bustling cityscapes, I love to turn any scene into a breathtaking time lapse and whenever i get the chance, I produce time lapse videos.


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