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Michael Michailidis
Michael Michailidis
His Story

Michael Michailidis was born in Athens and after completing his national service, he began traveling across Europe. In 2005, he settled in London where he taught himself computer programming and worked as a Software Engineer in the city’s vibrant tech scene.

Later in life, Michailidis discovered his passion for writing, drawing inspiration from the works of Latin American writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This led him on a journey of rediscovery back to his Greek heritage, including the ancient poets and thinkers he had studied in school.

Michailidis has since returned to Greece, where he has combined his love of writing and Greek culture to create “Ancient Greece Revisited.” This project seeks to capture the true essence of Greek culture and heritage, not through the lens of British classicists, but through the eyes of the Greeks themselves.

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