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Kostas Bezos
March 14, 2023
Kostas Bezos
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About Project

“Apo to Mikro sto Megalo” (From Small to Big) is a unique production by the Scriptwriters Guild of Greece that showcases the lives and works of 45 of Greece’s most prominent screenwriters, cartoonists, and lyricists. Among them is Kostas Bezos, a multifaceted artist from the early 20th century who left an indelible mark on Greek culture. This documentary portrait provides a fascinating look into his life, works, and legacy. Through interviews, archival footage, and expert analysis, viewers will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Bezos’ contribution to the world of Greek art and entertainment.

More about Apo to Mikro sto Megalo series

The series originally produced 15 episodes featuring Greek screenwriters. In the first cycle of the series i did the entire cinematography and most of the video editing. I also directed and co-directed two episodes. The series episodes included:

  • Nikos Tsiforos
  • Kostas Mourselas
  • Giannis Dalianidis
  • Napoleon Eleutheriou
  • Kostas Pretenteris
  • Giorgos Lazaridis
  • Lakis Michailidis
  • Nikos Foskolos
  • Vaggelis Goufas
  • Giannis Kakoulidis
  • Iakovos Kampanellis
  • Panos Kontellis

The second cycle produced 15 episodes featuring Greek cartoonists. In the second cycle of the series i did almost the entire cinematography except one episode and most of the video editing. I also directed and co-directed four episodes and wrote the script for another two. The series episodes included:

  • Marios Aggelopoulos
  • Ali Dino Bei
  • Minos Argyrakis
  • Archelaos
  • Kostas Bezos
  • Themos Anninos
  • Dimitrios Galanis
  • Panos Maragkos
  • Michalis Nikolinakos
  • Stamatis Polenakis
  • Vasilis Christodoulou
  • Bost
  • Ilias Koumetakis

The third cycle produced 15 episodes featuring Greek lyricists. In the third cycle of the series co-directed eleven episodes and edited three of them. The series episodes included:

  • Eutyxia Papagiannopoulou
  • Alkis Alkaios
  • Manos Eleutheriou
  • Tsantas
  • Akis Panou
  • Kostas Virvos
  • Ilias Katsoulis
  • Nikos Gatsos
  • Manolis Rasoulis
  • Christos Kolokotronis
  • Sotia Tsiotou

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