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Alexandros Kakavas
Alexandros Kakavas
His Story

Alexandros Kakavas is the current President of the Union of Greek Screenwriters.

Representative to F.S.E. Member of EFA, E.S.E., S.A.P.O.E., S.P.K.T.B.P.

Screenwriter of films such as “Telos Epochis” (End of an Era), winner of Best Film and Original Screenplay at the 34th Thessaloniki Film Festival and the State Awards in 1995, television series such as “Oi Filenades” (Friends), “Kokkinos Kyklos” (Red Circle) and others, historical documentary series such as “Emeis Oi Ellines” (Us Greeks), “Mnimi Mou Se Lene Ponto” (Memory your Name is Pontos).

Screenwriter, Director and Producer of short films such as “I Yposchesi” (The Promise), honorary distinction at the State Awards in 2005 and “I Koukla” (The Doll), directing award at the Athens International Horror Film Festival in 2004, documentary series “Mnimes Charas” (Memories of Joy), “Vioi Paralliloi” (Parallel Lives), “Apo to Mikro sto Megalo” (From Small to Big), “1821 I Elliniki Epanastasi” (1821 The Greek War of Independence), and producer of theatrical performances.


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